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Online Freight Training For
Forwarders, Importers & Exporters

Freight Forwarders

Courses for individual freight forwarders, ready to start immediately

Importers & Exporters

Our international logistics course for importers and exporters to develop knowledge

Company Plans

Options include multiple bookings, branded delivery and even your own site.

Our Online
Freight Training


A range of online freight training courses taken in short form lessons to improve industry knowledge, worldwide awareness and skills.

Our courses focus on the key ‘need to know’ aspects of the industry. They are delivered in the engaging prezi format and can be taken on multiple devices, wherever there is an internet connection.

While general freight training courses have no recognised industry accreditation, our courses have passed CPD standards previously and have been recommended by BIFA.

lessons and courses

What’s included

Engaging Relevant Content

Images And Videos

Tests After Each Lesson

Certificates for Courses

Freight Forwarders Courses

Importer and Exporter Courses

Company Plans

Want to test the training for free?


You will get the opportunity to complete a partial lesson from a course to get a feel for the training we provide.